GLBT Caucus of ASHA
2010 Bylaws





ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVES The objectives of this Organization shall be as follows:


A. To actively encourage and support all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) audiologists (AUDs), speech­language pathologists (SLPs), students of the professions and/or related professionals in their endeavors to work and study professionally, openly and without fear of discrimination.


B. To increase sensitivity to and support of LGBTQ issues within audiology, speech­language pathology and related professions, including work environments and relationships.


C. To promote the professional role of audiologists, speech­language pathologists and related professionals in working with people with positive HIV status and patients with AIDS.


D. To provide a professional, political, and/or social platform for LGBTQ issues within the professions and within training programs.


E. To work with other organizations and agencies to achieve the above purposes.




Section 1: Membership and fiscal year for the Organization shall be defined as the calendar year.


ARTICLE IV: MEMBERS Section 1: The Membership of this Organization shall consist of AUDs, SLPs, students of the professions and/or related professionals (e.g., aides, augmentative communication specialists, deaf educators, special educators, administrators, etc.) who self­identify as LGBTQ persons and allies.


Section 2: All Members must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Organization which shall be the most recent Code of Ethics published by the American Speech­Language­Hearing Association (ASHA) with the addition of items specific to LGBTQ issues, e.g., Members agree to respect each Member's right to confidentiality concerning her or his membership and/or specific participation in the Organization


Section 3: At the written request of a Member, his or her membership and/or specific participation in the Organization shall be kept strictly confidential and shall remain anonymous by the Treasurer/Membership Chair (i.e., membership and/or participation will not be disclosed in any publication of the Organization or in any other communication of the Organization).

Section 4: Membership shall become Active upon initial payment of dues; a person's name will remain on the membership list unless the member requests in writing that his/her name be deleted. Membership shall become Inactive if dues for the current fiscal year are not received by May 1.


Section 5: Only Members who are Active may vote.




Section 1: The dues of the Organization shall be recommended by the Executive Board and shall be approved by a majority vote of the Active Members attending the Annual Business Meeting (ABM).


Section 2: Dues are payable to the Treasurer at the beginning of each fiscal year.


Section 3: Notice of annual dues will be posted on the L’GASP website and two reminders sent to all members via the L’GASP listserv. If payment is not received by May 1, the Membership shall become Inactive. Reinstatement to Active Membership shall occur upon payment of dues.


Section 4: Payment of dues may be made in advance in increments of five (5) and ten (10) years.


Section 5: A dues wavier is available upon written request to and with the approval of the Treasurer, based on financial feasibility.




Section 1: The Officers of the Organization shall be: two (2) Co­Chairs (one female and one male), one (1) Co­Chair Elect, one (1) Past Co­Chair, one (1) Secretary and one (1) Treasurer. All Officers of the Organization must be Active Members.


Section 2: The Co­Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected to serve for two­year terms. The Co­Chair Elect shall be elected to serve a one­year term immediately prior to serving a two year term as Co­Chair. The Past Co­Chair will serve a one year term following the two­year term as Co­Chair. The male Co­Chair Elect and the Treasurer shall be elected in odd­numbered years and the female Co­Chair Elect and Secretary shall be elected in even­numbered years. Newly elected Officers shall begin their terms on the first of January.


Section 3: Candidates for Officers shall be nominated prior to the ABM or at the ABM. A call for nominations shall be requested prior to the ABM. The Executive Board will review the nominees for qualifications and obtain consent from the nominees prior to placing their names on the official ballot.


Section 4: The Officers shall be elected at the ABM by a majority of the Active Members present.


Section 5: The Co­Chairs shall be the Chief Executive Officers of the Organization and at least one of the Co­Chairs shall preside at all regular meetings of the Organization, of the Executive Board, or of any committee without a regularly appointed Chair.


Section 6: The Secretary shall record and keep on file the minutes of the Organization and Executive Board meetings and shall send copies of the minutes to the Webmaster for publication on the L’GASP website. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence necessary for the maintenance of Organization business. The Secretary shall also maintain the Procedures Manual of the Organization.


Section 7: The Treasurer shall be entrusted with the collection and maintenance of the funds of the Organization and shall maintain a current Membership roster. The Treasurer shall be authorized to draw funds and make disbursements upon approval by the Executive Board. The Treasurer's accounts shall be subject to audit as required by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall advise the Executive Board in drafting a proposed budget for review by the Membership prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.


Section 8: The duties and responsibilities of the Co­Chair Elect and Past Co­Chair shall be determined by the Officers of the Organization and included in the Procedures Manual.


Section 9: In case of a vacancy, the Office shall be filled by an appointee who is an Active Member. The Executive Board will make the appointment.




There shall be one (1) regular business meeting per year, the ABM, which will be held in conjunction with the Annual Convention of ASHA. A quorum shall consist of the Active Members present. The Executive Board shall determine the exact time and place for the meeting, with consideration of the recommendations from the Program/Convention Committee. The membership shall be notified of the time and place of the ABM prior to the ASHA Annual Convention.




The Officers of the Organization shall comprise the Executive Board of Directors. The Executive Board shall be authorized to conduct the business of the Organization, to make expenditures, and to make decisions, except where reserved to the Membership by the Bylaws. The Executive Board shall meet annually at the annual ASHA convention and at other times as called by the Co­Chairs. All Officers are expected to be present at all meetings of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall develop and maintain a Procedures Manual which is a detailed guide for the operation of the Organization.




Section 1: The Standing Committees of the Organization shall be: (A) Membershipand Nominating Committee and (B) Promotion Committee.


Section 2: Standing Committees and their Chairs shall be appointed by the Co­Chairs following requests for volunteers for each Committee.

Section 3 The duties of Standing Committees shall be described in the Procedures Manual.


Section 4: Ad Hoc Committees and additional Committees shall be called and disbanded upon the needs of the Organization. An Ad Hoc Committee may become a Standing Committee upon the approval of the Executive Board. Ad Hoc Committees shall have a stated purpose of mission and shall have at least one Active Member. Any Active Member can serve as Chair to an Ad Hoc Committee and will be appointed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves the right to disband any Ad Hoc Committee upon the Committee's completion of its mission.




The Parliamentary authority for all meetings of the Organization and the Board shall be the current edition Robert's Rules of Order, revised. The Secretary shall assure these rules are followed during all meetings.




Section 1: Amendments shall be proposed by an Active Member of the Organization.


Section 2: Amendments are submitted in writing to the Executive Board. Amendments approved by the Executive Board shall be submitted to the Active Membership for discussion and vote.


Section 3: Proposed amendments not endorsed by the Executive Board shall be submitted to the Active Membership by petition when signed by at least twenty­five (25) Active Members.


Section 4: Proposed amendments shall be made available to the Active Membership prior to the ABM.


Section 5: A two­thirds (2/3) majority vote of Active Members at the ABM is required to pass an amendment.

Section 6: Proposed amendments become effective immediately upon passage, unless otherwise indicated in the language of the amendments.